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Coach Qualification and Training

What are the tackle coach’s qualifications and training? 

Each SVYFL coach is a VOLUNTEERS.  Many have prior football player experience and many have coaching backgrounds in Football as well as various other Youth Sports.  Each coach is committed to the safety, welfare, and development of each player.  Coaches are required to become Heads Up Certified as well as encouraged to continue to grow their skill sets with additional programs and information throughout the season.

  • Heads Up Certification via USA Football
  • PCA Positive Coaches Alliance
  • BCYFCA requirements cited within their Bylaws & Operations Manuel.

How may I become a coach or cheer volunteer?

ALL Head coaches must have coached in our In-Flag league.

Assistant Coaches are chosen by Head Coaches. Feel free to give a shout to the Head Coach with the request. There are only supplied 8 badges per team. This admits the coaching staff/team manager on the sideline of a BCYFCA sanctioned event. If the Head Coach has selected the team’s Assistant Coaches for the season(who will be supplied game day badges), it is possible to assist in practices if the assistance is needed.

Each Volunteer Coach/Team Manager/Board Member will undergo a criminal background check and finger printing. During season, no one will be allowed on practice or playing field without clearances and badges. If you are asked to assist on the practice field, please complete a fingerprint/background investigation with ASP.

Tackle Practices

Begin in early July.

Practices this season will begin after July 9th.

County Conditioning Requirements:

3 days as required without pads.

Practices are at our home field Viera Regional Park.

Practice Days are determined by Head Coaches and the SVYFL Board.

Practices are incredibly important and absenteeism will affect an athletes playtime and knowledge of the upcoming game.

Game Day Checkin


Team Placement

Which Team/Division will my athlete be place on?

The Tackle Director, in accordance with the BCYFCA Bylaws and Rules will officially place your child on the appropriate team by verifying his/her birthday on the birth certificate.

Uniform & Equipment Responsibilities

What equipment is issued and what equipment do I buy for my athlete?


  • Sublimated Green Hawks Game Day Jersey
  • Helmet w/Chin Strap & Helmet Decals
  • Pair of Black Padded Hawks Game Pant with integrated pads (not worn at practices)
  • Padded Shoulder Pads


  • Football cleats (Molded plastic bottom)
  • Athletic supporter and cup
  • Practice Football pants
  • Practice Jersey
  • Mouthpiece (not Clear, must have color)
  • Water Jug
  • Optional items: Padded Flack Shirt, Forearm Pads, Rib Protector, Receiver or Lineman Gloves



  • It is acceptable for athletes to purchase their own helmet for the season.
  • The color must be Metallic Vegas Gold/Metallic Light Gold.
  • The new Helmet must be inspected by Equipment Director.
  • 2 Hawk Decals may be acquired during inspection by the Equipment Director.


Practice Pants: We highly recommend the integrated/ “pad-in” variety.

Cheer Practice FAQ

Game Day Checkin

Cheer Competition

BCYFCA Cheer Competition

Brevard County Youth Cheerleading Competition is typically the weekend following the Tackle Super Bowl. All cheer squads are invited to participate in this competition. The Competition is not mandatory for divisions.

More information to come…

Flag Practice FAQ

Game Day


What’s this about the Fundraising Agreement that requires participation in the annual $50 (per athlete) league fundraiser? 

We are 100% Nonprofit, all volunteer organization with no funds appropriated by any entity outside of Fundraising, Sponsorships and Registration Fees.

If a family prefers to pay the $50 fundraiser without accepting our annual fundraiser cards, they may do so at their own discretion.


Volunteer Expectations

Volunteering & Fundraising with Suntree Viera Youth Football & Cheer.


“Opt Out” Fee –


2017 BCYFCA Information and Calendar

BCYFCA stands for Brevard County Youth Football & Cheer Association. We are among 14 Youth Football Leagues
guided by BCYFCA rules and regulations – per the BCYFCA Articles of Bylaw and Operations Manual.  For further detailed information please refer to their website @ .



BCYFCA Leagues/Websites


Merritt Island

Palm Bay

Space Coast



South Beach

Suntree/ Viera


Treasure Coast

Vero Beach

Registration FAQ


  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Photo


  • BC’s are required by SV/BCYFCA to validate age.
  • BC MUST BE uploaded and validated before taking the field.

Team Fees

Team Fees:

After practice begin, you may be asked by the Head Coach and Team Parent Manager to put money in the “team pot.” This is various items needed during the season, applied to the end of season party, coach gifts, team support gifts and miscellaneous practice items needed for practices. In the past, Team Managers have accepted payments all at once, taken payments over time or collected at the times when the money was due.  The plan will be at the discretion of the Head Coach and Team Parent Manager.

Program Pricing/Registration Fees

Early Registration Pricing

This is special pricing from March 1st-June 1st for Tackle and Cheer. (see below)

After Early Registration Pricing Ends (June 1st) fees revert to $185 for Tackle and Cheer and the standard $85 for Flag.

Camp Pricing for 2017 is $25 for one day or $40 for both Friday and Saturday. Walkup fees are $25 per day.

Included in Registration Fee: 

Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Game Pants with thigh pads, knee pads, tail pad and belt, sublimated Game jerseys


Awards & Education

League Committees

Suntree Viera Football & Cheer believes there is great benefit in reaching out to our special skill set, talented, & creative parent pool for planning and implementing various extension projects of Football and Cheer.  If you would like to be a part of a committee, please email the POC for that committee below.

  • NFL Flag Committee ( Matt Witmer)
  • Fields Committee ( Dan Hancock )
  • Events Committee ( Bea Witmer )
  • Marketing Committee ( Bea Witmer )