Flag FAQ

1. What are the rules for Fall Flag?

Our rules are based on the BCYFCA Flag rules with some mod­i­fi­ca­tions.

2. When is Fall Flag registration?

Reg­is­tra­tion typ­i­cal­ly begins in April and runs through late July. There will be sev­er­al ‘in per­son’ reg­is­tra­tions. You will be able to also reg­is­ter online. Check the home­page for more info about reg­is­tra­tion.

3. What is the registration cost?

Reg­is­tra­tion is $85.00 per play­er.

4. When does the Fall Flag season start?

Prac­tice begins in ear­ly August (or late July depend­ing on the coach) with games begin­ning in ear­ly Sep­tem­ber. The reg­u­lar sea­son runs through mid Novem­ber fol­lowed by play­offs which can last into ear­ly Decem­ber.

5. When are practices?

Prac­tices are dur­ing the week (typ­i­cal­ly on Wednes­day). Pri­or to the sea­son prac­tices are 2 times a week. Prac­tice times dur­ing the week typ­i­cal­ly begin around 5:30pm and run about an hour. Dur­ing the pre-sea­son there may also be Sat­ur­day prac­tices. Your child’s coach will give you more info on the exact time and loca­tion of prac­tices.

6. When are games?

Flag games are played on Sat­ur­days (usu­al­ly start­ing in the morn­ing and games run through ear­ly after­noon). Each team may play one week­day game dur­ing the sea­son.

7. Where are games played?

All games are played at Viera Region­al Park.

8. What are the age groups?

There are three age divi­sions:
Rook­ie Flag — Ages 4–6
Mighty Mite Flag — Ages 7–8
Senior Flag — Ages 9–10
Super Senior Flag — Ages 11–13

9. Can girls play?


10. Is there travel?

No! All games are played at Viera Region­al Park.

11. What equipment does my child need for Flag Football?

Cleats and a mouth guard. Mouth guards are required to play Flag Foot­ball. Cleats are high­ly rec­om­mend­ed. Soc­cer cleats will work fine!

12. What about uniforms?

The league sup­plies uni­forms which include a per­for­mance shirt and shorts.

13. What is the difference between SVYFL Fall Flag and SVYFL NFL Flag?

Fall Flag allows for con­tact block­ing and runs con­cur­rent­ly with the SVYFL Tackle/Cheer sea­sons (Aug-Dec). Fall Flag is basi­cal­ly a feeder/training league for SVYFL Tack­le. We groom and teach our kids to pre­pare them for tack­le. NFL Flag is a non-con­tact league for all kids that runs Jan-Mar. Teams are small­er and the games are faster. Age lim­its are 5–17 years old. Leagues are divid­ed up by age group.

14. Can I request a specific team?

In most cas­es we allow the request­ing of speci­fic teams. Teams remain the same from year to year, how­ev­er, in some cas­es we must divide the kids up even­ly by tal­ent to keep the league com­pet­i­tive.

15. How do I become a coach, team parent, or other volunteer?

If you would like to become a flag coach, please email Jeff Brown at jeffreyb1971@gmail.com. On your child’s reg­is­tra­tion appli­ca­tion you can spec­i­fy what you’d like to vol­un­teer for.

16. I signed my child up for tackle, if he does not like tackle can he play flag?

Yes, if he is league age 11 or younger.

17. I signed my child up for tackle and now he plays flag, will I be refunded the difference in registration cost?


18. What is the league age cut off?

August 1st.

19. Are there weight restrictions?


Registration is currently open for Fall Cheer, Flag and Tackle football.

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