Tackle FAQ

1. What are the ages for each division?

League age is defined as the age of your child on August 1st of the reg­is­tra­tion year. Please check www.bcyfca.org for the League’s age lim­its as deter­mined by the coun­ty.

2. When does practice start and when does the season end?

Prac­tice is allowed to begin on July 1st. Your coach will noti­fy you when he wants to start. Prac­tices will go through the play­offs and could go into Decem­ber.

3. How many nights per week is practice?

Pri­or to school start­ing, coach­es have the option to prac­tice 4 days. Prac­tices typ­i­cal­ly last 2 hours and par­ents a required to stay at the prac­tice site. When schools start, prac­tice is 3 nights per week. Typ­i­cal­ly Mon­day, Tues­day, and Thurs­day. Some coach­es may choose to prac­tice on oth­er days. 

4. Where are practices held?

Prac­tices are held at Viera Region­al Park.

5. Where and when are games played?

Home games are played at Viera Region­al Park. Away games are played through­out the coun­ty. Games are played on Sat­ur­day, start­ing with the youngest divi­sion play­ing first.

6. When does registration start and what is the cost?

Online reg­is­tra­tion will begin April 1st online. Check the home­page or Face­book for in-per­son dates and times. The cost is $150.00, this includes just about every­thing you need. After June 1st, reg­is­tra­tion is $185.00.

7. What equipment do I need?

Play­ers will need their own prac­tice pants (with pads), prac­tice jer­sey, mouth­piece and cleats. Cups are not required, but can be used at the par­ents’ dis­cre­tion. The league will provide game jer­sey, game pants (with pads), hel­met and shoul­der pads. Play­ers will get to keep the game jer­seys at the end of the sea­son. WE DO NOT PROVIDE PRACTICE PANTS, MOUTHPIECES, CUPS, OR CLEATS!

Registration is currently open for Fall Cheer, Flag and Tackle football.

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