1. What are the ages for each division?
League age is defined as the age of your child on August 1st of the registration year. Please check popwarner.com for the League’s age and weight limits as determined by the county.

2. When does practice start and when does the season end?
Practice is allowed to begin on August 1st. Your coach will notify you when he wants to start. Practices will go through the playoffs and could go into December.

3. How many nights per week is practice?
When schools start, practice is typically 3 nights per week in the younger divisions and up to four nights in the older divisions. Practices typically last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours and parents are required to stay at the practice site at all times.

4. Where are practices held?
Practices are held at Viera Regional Park

5. Where and when are games played?
Home games are played at Viera Regional Park. Away games are played throughout Brevard and Volusia county. Games are played on Saturdays.

6. When does registration start and what is the cost?
Online registration will begin May 1st online. The cost is $205.00, this includes just about everything you need. After June 1st, registration is $230.00.

7. What equipment do I need?
Players will need their own practice pants (with pads), practice jersey, mouthpiece and cleats. Cups are not required, but can be used at the parents discretion. The league will provide a home and away game jersey, game pants (with pads), helmet and shoulder pads. Players will get to keep the game jerseys at the end of the season. WE DO NOT PROVIDE PRACTICE PANTS, MOUTHPIECES, CUPS, OR CLEATS!


1. What are the rules for Fall Flag?
Our rules are based on NFL Flag rules with some modifications.

2. When is Fall Flag registration?
Registration typically begins in April and runs through late July. There will be several ‘in person’ registrations. You will be able to also register online. Check the homepage for more info about registration.

3. What is the registration cost?
Registration is $100.00 per player, after July 1st registration is $150.00.

4. When does the Fall Flag season start?
Practice begins in early August (or late July depending on the coach) with games beginning in early September. The regular season runs through mid November followed by playoffs which can last into early December.

5. When are practices?
Practices are during the week. Prior to the season practices are 2 times a week. Practice times during the week typically begin around 5:30pm and run about an hour. During the pre-season there may also be Saturday practices. Your child’s coach will give you more info on the exact time and location of practices.

6. When are games?
Flag games are played on Saturday’s (usually starting in the morning and game runs through early afternoon). Each team may play one weekday game during the season.

7. Where are games played?
All games are played at Viera Regional Park.

8. What are the age groups?







No weight limits in any of the age groups will be used.

9. Can girls play?

10. Is there travel?
Effective with the 2012 season, there is not going to be a Senior travel Flag team. Therefore, there is no travel this year versus years past.

11. What equipment does my child need for flag football?
Cleats and a mouth guard. Mouth guards are required to play flag football. Cleats are highly recommended. Soccer cleats will work fine!

12. What about uniforms?
The league supplies uniforms which include a performance shirt and shorts.

13. What is the difference between SVYFL Fall Flag and SVYFL NFL Flag?
Fall Flag allows for contact blocking and runs concurrently with the SVYFL Tackle/Cheer seasons (Aug-Dec). Fall Flag is basically a feeder/training league for SVYFL Tackle. We groom and teach our kids to prepare them for tackle. NFL Flag is a non-contact league for all kids that run Jan-Mar. Teams are smaller and the games are faster. Age limits are 5-17 years old. Leagues are divided up by age group.

14. Can I request a specific team?
In most cases we allow the requesting of specific teams. Teams remain the same from year to year, however, in some cases we must divide the kids up even by talent to keep the league competitive.

15. How do I become a coach, team parent, or other volunteer?
If you would like to become a flag coach, please use the contact us page and specify what you’d like to volunteer for.

16. I signed my child up for tackle, if he does not like tackle can he play flag?
Yes, if he is league age 14 or younger.

17. I signed my child up for tackle and now he plays flag, will I be refunded the difference in registration cost?

18. What is the league age cut off?
August 1st.

19. Are there weight restrictions?


1. What does the registration price cover?
Registration price is $195 and covers the Game Day uniform rental, hair bow and pom poms. Parents will be responsible for the purchase of cheer shoes. We will have more information on where to purchase cheer shoes at a later date.

2. When does cheer start and the length of the season?
Cheer begins August 1st and could go through November with travel to multiple levels of the end of season competitions.

3. When and where are practices and games?
All practices will be held at Viera Regional Park. Practices are during the week with the days at the discretion of the coach. Prior to the season practices are 2 times a week. Closer to competition practice will increase according to the coach. Games for teams cheering for tackle football will be on Saturday’s. Our league plays teams from as far south as Palm Bay or as far north as Flagler Beach.

4. What team will my child be on Cheerleading?
This matrix changes frequently.  Please visit the Pop Warner website to view latest matrix HERE.

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